E-Bikes in Lake Como

If you are not an avid cyclist and would like to explore Bellagio and the villages of Lake Como, there is no better way than by an electric bike! ComoLagoBike has several e-bikes available to rent. They are "electric assist" so you continually pedal the bike, but there is a motor to accellorate the bike and you determine how much "assist" you need by simply pushing a button. Going up steep hills is a breeze! And there is no need for cycling-specific clothing. Casual pants and shoes will get you where you need to go without breaking a sweat.


The "slow tourism" movement is booming on Lake Como and we can't recommend e-bikes as its vehicle more. Like everything in Italy, you must slowly savor your experiences! We encourage you to get out of the car, explore new areas, stop when something strikes your fancy. With the e-bike you will not only see more, but your senses will be heightened in the fresh air. You'll notice the sweet smell of the lake water, but up high in the mountains the alpine air will take on pine and earth, maybe even the smoke from a farmhouse. And when you are hungry, just park your e-bike and enjoy a good meal and wine. You'll be amazed at the territory you can cover on an e-bike, yet it will feel like an intimate day of adventure.


The e-bikes are a perfect option regardless of age or fitness. If it's been a while since you were on a bike, these are great to litterally get you back in the saddle again. If you are an avid cyclist, take a rest day and let the bike do all the work! The big comfortable saddles and wide tires will guarantee a smooth ride leaving you breathless from what you experienced, but never from exertion. The ComoLagoBike guides offer a number of Easy and Medium tours that are perfect for e-bikes, some up to 60 kilometers! The battery of the e-bike can last up to 4 hours depending on the terrain, so having a guide on the longer rides can make sure you do not drain the battery unnecessarily. And after you have that delicious lunch? No worries pedaling home!


In a few short years e-bikes on Lake Como have become commonplace. Now it's your turn! I wrote a blog about my first experience on an e-bike and how it can open doors for people who never thought they'd see some of the magical places in Lake Como.  So don't worry about being the most fit for your trip to Lake Como.....discover it by e-bike!