Comolagobike & Hotel Il perlo Guided cycling trips

ComoLagoBike is a cycling guide company and bike shop located above the village of Bellagio in Lake Como, Italy, and celebrating 10 years of taking guests on tours in this stunning region. Their history lies with famed cycling sponsor Mapei, a relationship which continues today. They also partner with the Italy Bike Hotel, Hotel Il Perlo Panormama, to provide cyclists' accommodations and to complete your holiday package.  I'm excited to be the U.S. Ambassador for them! Read more about their services from road cycling to mountain biking to multiday tours then let's get in touch!


Some call them blogs, but I call them what they are: stories. We all have stories and sometimes I hunker down to write them out in more than 140 characters because it's too easy to lose the skill of well written thoughts and experiences. Plus my mom was an English teacher so she appreciates this!

maps maps maps

I've loved maps since I was a young kid pouring over atlases, maybe it was a sign of a lifetime of travel and adventure ahead. Eventually I went to graduate school and began a career relaying scientific information with maps, but these days I don't make them as much as I used to so I get my creative kicks designing cartographic cycling maps.

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I love lollygagging on my bike and capturing scenes around me. It's not about racing from Point A to B anymore, I stop and smell the roses and have a LOT of espresso along the way.

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There is so much to experience it's hard to know where to start! Much like a giant calzone, don't overwhelm yourself and get sick, take your time with a lot of small bites. Here are a few of my favorite sites, travel tips, and other amici d'Italia.