Ciclismo di lago di como

Every since my first trip to Lake Como I've wanted to create a map of its cycling routes and special features. The first map below is the 2016 version, which was limited to the routes I'd done, and then the second map below is the updated 2017 version with all the ComoLagoBike cycling routes around the lake and nearby mountains, including a few amazing mountain bike routes.

I've had a few requests for the GPX files so that visitors can navigate on their own, and in 2018 ComoLagoBike will be offering GPX files with the purchase of one of their services such as a bike rental or GPS rental. But honestly? The best part of traveling is immersing yourself in a culture and spending even one day with the wonderful local Italian guides at ComoLagoBike will give you far better stories and experiences than a computer beeping the next turn on your handlebars.



The final Lake Como cycling atlas with 20 cycling routes at easy, medium, hard, and difficult levels. Each level is color coded for easy interpretation, as well as numbered to correspond with the legend. Major passes and towns are labeled. And the local lauriosaurus also makes an appearance! 

Data sources:

MapBox, Open Street Map, ComoLagoBike, ESRI, Noun Project


Ghisallo Route

A guide to the famous Ghisallo route, whether from the north or south, and notable stops along the way. Custom elevation profile with distance, elevation, and percent grade of climbs and descents.

2016 Map

Data sources:

MapBox, Open Street Map, ComoLagoBike, ESRI



I'll be detailing the methods of the mapping madness soon. Hint: I heart MapBox, and editing parallel routes is TEDIOUS.