Cycling Routes on Lake Como

Many people are eager to download GPX files of cycling routes and ride on their own. Hotel Il Perlo and ComoLagoBike use Komoot mapping website to provide GPX files for many of the most popular cycling routes on Lake Como. Komoot also shows the elevation profile, forecasted weather, scenic highlights and photos of each route. Lake Como and its surrounding mountains have countless other stunning roads and trails to discover and challenge yourself, one of the many other reasons to join our guides to discover the most amazing rides in the region.

Below are examples of two of the most popular cycling routes: the Ghisallo and Muro di Sormano climbs, and the Valsassina valley. See the Road Cycling page for other popular route descriptions and maps.

Click on image to explore the route.

Click on image to explore the route.


cartographic Cycling Maps

It's been a very fun creative process to create cycling maps for my friends and family. It's also very important to keep the brain fresh with new technology. I'm loving the free (i.e donate!), open source, desktop GIS program, QGIS. It's a phenomenal resource for basic data viewing, data analysis, or full on cartography, and their community is brilliant and welcoming.

In May 2017 I was I was honored to be invited to speak about my Lake Como cycling atlas project and methods at the CUGOS (Cascadia Users of Open Geospatial Open Source) Spring Fling.

Below are two map projects, one for Lake Como and another for Pittsburgh. Each map below has a page with more details on its creation.