The Giro d'Italia Comes to Lake Como in 2019

This article originally appeared on ComoLagoBike 1-November-2018

Stage 15 Tackles Lake Como's Iconic Climbs

Yesterday the Giro d'Italia organizers revealed the details of the 2019 stages, and as was rumoured, Stage 15 on Sunday, May 26 will be on Lake Como. While the Giro has visited Lake Como before, this will be a historical day as they tackle the big three climbs of Il Lombardia - the GhisalloSormano, and Civiglio. Can you imagine a more fantastic day than watching the Maglia Rosa racing past you on Lake Como? Join us for the Giro in 2019! We will be sure to have the most exciting day in store for our guests so contact us soon to get all the details as they are finalized. As for the rest of the Giro and its nearby stages - we may have something up our jersey sleeves for those too.

Il Percorso

The Giro's longest stage at 237 kilometers will begin southwest of Lake Como in Ivrea and transit along the mostly flat terrain towards the Briana Hills and enter the south edge of the Triangolo Lariano, which many of our guests are familar with on our cycling tours. Much like each edition of Il Lombardia, the racers will cut down from Asso to Onno and their first glances of the glittering waters of Lake Como. Then the game will be officially "on" as they begin their ascent towards Bellagio and the famous Ghisallo climb.

Racing up the 14% grade in front of our bike shop and Hotel Il Perlo, they will reach the hallowed Madonna del Ghisallo chapel with churchbells signaling their arrival. The second big climb will be the Sormano, but avoiding the bottleneck of the Muro di Sormano in favor of the main road. Once over the Colma di Sormano they will descend at harrowing speeds and with technical skill to Nesso and continue south along the lake's shores to the final big Civiglio climb before finishing in Como in what will be sure to be a thrilling finish.


Interested in joining? We are finalizing the details for this stage and others, so be sure to contact Enrica to get your name down for what will surely be a once-in-a-lifetime experience on Lake Como!